The partnership aims to strengthen the company`s digitization offerings for data and agreements Navigate through all your collateral agreements and frameworks and minimize risk by simply comparing with your counterparties It can be complex, time-consuming and expensive to negotiate, digitize, record, generate and manage data. Agreement Manager significantly reduces the time and effort required to accurately maintain an efficient repository of agreement data by introducing a common standard workflow that allows you to reconcile agreed data with your counterpart to create a golden data source. Viewing agreements in a central web interface Agreement Manager enables fast and scalable consolidation and confirmation of legal and operational data through a cost-effective interface. It provides an authoritative record of collateral agreements through a single workflow. Developed by the industry for industry, The Agreement Manager significantly reduces the time and effort required to maintain an efficient repository of contract data. Logical Construct has developed a standard adapter for Acadia to support the exchange of joint client contract data between Acadia and logic construction services. Logical Construct digitizes agreements in its own environment, extracts data attributes from customer contracts, and communicates them through Acadia APIs to provide joint customers with the ability to send and receive data from the agreement manager. The solution provides support for out-of-the-box data models for trade agreements such as ISDA documentation, collateral plans, securities lending and reverse repurchase agreements to supplier contracts, policy documents, and challenges such as the LIBOR benchmark. Lyncs provides financial services customers with industry-leading domain-specific coverage coupled with key contract lifecycle management requirements for more standardized documents. As soon as agreements are available in a digitized format, data management is simplified and streamlined. You can improve the speed at which data flows through your warranty systems, enable greater accuracy and bilaterally confirmed documents from a single source, and resolve disputes due to non-compliant clauses or changes. “The partnership with Logical Construct enhances our ability to provide the entire derivatives community with centralized, digitized, and centralized representation of legal and margin arrangements from a single source,” said Richard Barton, Chief Product Officer at Acadia.

“We are excited to continue working with some of the world`s leading platforms designed to accurately extract data from any digitized financial services contract.” Using intelligent technology, The AgreementManager learns the physical representation of legal and operational data written in multiple types of contracts and then converts it into standardized digital records. It can be complex, time-consuming and expensive to negotiate, analyze, record, generate and manage data. Developed by the industry, the industry-developed accordManager for industry significantly reduces the time and effort required to accurately maintain an efficient repository of contract data by introducing a common standard workflow. Accept, share, and control agreement templates generated by the user community and its customers. Use models with the confidence that they use best practices and market standards. “The integration of Margin Xchange™ IHS Markit to automate and structure complex margin and deposit agreements and store contract data with AcadiaSoft combines all the components required for process execution throughout the margin lifecycle,” said Darren Thomas, General Manager, Regularization and Compliance at IHS Markit. “Customers will be able to manage the margin cycle holistically, from contract closing to margin calculation to invoicing with greater ease and efficiency.” “The commissioning of VM Big Bang last March highlighted two key weaknesses in the industry,” said Richard Barton, product manager for AcadiaSoft Agreement Manager. “First, it took too long to negotiate new legal agreements between companies and, second, it took too long to implement them operationally once the agreements were concluded. By storing and standardizing data sharing in the hub, AcadiaSoft supports the customer option, vendor selection, and the introduction of automated market-wide solutions. The mutual exchange of data between IHS Markit and AcadiaSoft will unify and automate the know-how of the two companies, such as. B the technological platforms that manage the margin, the source data of the other. The main terms of the margin and deposit contract generated by IHS Markit are submitted to AcadiaSoft`s Agreement Manager and the risk sensitivities calculated by IHS Markit go to the initial Margin Exposure Manager, which is part of the AcadiaSoft Hub.

Acadia`s suite of analytics solutions and services help organizations manage risk better, smarter and faster. Through an open access model, Acadia brings together the major derivatives banks and asset managers, as well as several innovative market infrastructures and suppliers. In return, AcadiaSoft`s margin voting data is passed on to users of IHS Markit`s Initial Margin calculation and guarantee services. Norwell, MA, 11 years old. July 2018 – AcadiaSoft, Inc., the leading provider of margin automation solutions for counterparties engaged in collateral management worldwide, today announced a new initiative, Den Agreement Manager, which will create industry-wide data storage for legal and operational collateral information for OTC derivatives. Laura Craft +44 20 3954 0196 A new AcadiaSoft lifting service, the contract manager, will review, store and exchange details of the ISDA variant (VM) and initial margin (IM), as well as account control agreements between commercial parties and custodians. The Agreement Manager, part of the AcadiaPlus Suite of Agreements services, enables rapid and scalable consolidation and confirmation of legal and operational data through a cost-effective interface. The Logical Construct Lyncs contract lifecycle is integrated with Contract Manager through a standard adapter to facilitate the exchange of contract data with mutual customers. . Logical Construct is a SaaS provider of contract data management/contract analysis for financial services. . Contract analysis extracts specific data attributes Watch our 2-minute video to find out how your contract manager can benefit your business in just 5 important steps here.

Paul Kelly, co-founder of Logical Construct, added, “By partnering with Acadia, we can unlock immediate benefits for customers. Accurate, granular data from our Lyncs platform can be routed directly to Agreement Manager, reducing operational costs and paving the way for more sophisticated collateral and risk data management. Create, view, and edit term sheets to track your initial margin monitoring arrangements. Our Lyncs platform helps customers manage all their contracts in one place, reducing operational costs and risks. Lyncs combines rich data models, artificial intelligence, and a secure banking architecture to enable customers to load, extract, analyze, and consume data from complex documents. Efficiently reconcile internal records and provide access to your entire organization. Reduce disputes with a single representation of data between you and your counterparties… Accelerate remediation projects with smart technology. ABOUT ACADIAAcadia is the leading provider of integrated risk management services to the derivatives community. The industry`s central standard platform enables a network of banks and other derivatives companies to improve efficiency and reduce costs throughout the transaction lifecycle. . Acadia® is a registered trademark of AcadiaSoft, Inc.

Backed by 16 major industry and market infrastructure players, Acadia is used by a community of over 1600 companies that trade more than $1 trillion in collateral daily through their margin automation services. Acadia is headquartered in Norwell, MASSACHUSETTS, with offices in Boston, Dublin, Düsseldorf, London, New York and Tokyo. Acadia® is a registered trademark of AcadiaSoft, Inc. For more information, visit Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn… .