AT&T won`t trade contracts, but you can still trade in with your old phone (check the price here) and there`s currently a $100 loan promotion for every new AT&T Next phone purchase. AT&T Wireless has announced that its two-year contract will expire on January 8, 2016. After this date, new and existing customers can only purchase phones with the following pricing plan. The acceptance of a two-year long-term telephone contract with the equipment and a package to separate the telephone plan began in 2016.GENERAL CONDITIONS FOR WIRELESS SERVICE: Subject to the wireless customer contract ( The Service is not intended for resale and is primarily intended for use within DCA. If AT&T does not enforce any of the terms or restrictions of its service offerings, this is not a waiver of AT&T`s right to enforce such terms or restrictions. AT&T reserves the right to enforce all conditions and restrictions at any time. If AT&T determines that your use of the Services violates any of the applicable terms or policies in the Wireless Customer Agreement, we may, in our sole discretion, suspend, modify, terminate, or restrict your Service. Coverage: The coverage map shows a strong approximation of the areas that are included in the plan and that are outside the plan.

For the latest coverage information for your area, Coverage may include areas served by unaffiliated airlines that are not on AT&T`s own and operated (off-grid) network. Coverage is subject to change without notice. Network Management: All AT&T services are subject to AT&T Network Management Policies. For more information, see Off-grid use: International and domestic off-grid data usage (roaming) can be done at 2G speeds. Excessive off-grid use: You will receive an off-grid use permit (roaming) for each service. If you exceed the exemption limit, your services may be restricted or terminated. Other Restrictions and Fees: Other restrictions apply that may result in termination of the Service. If you have purchased a device that requires a temporary commitment, an early cancellation fee will be charged if you cancel the Service after the first 14 days and before your term expires. For more information about the fees that may apply to your device and how fees are prorated over time, see ETFs. There may be an activation/upgrade fee per line (up to $45) and per deposit.

Loan approval may be required. AT&T reserves the right to suspend or terminate service on your behalf, put a non-compliant device on an appropriate plan, and/or add any other required elements of a plan. Other Monthly Fees: Apply per line and may include taxes, federal/state universal service fees, regulatory cost recovery fees (up to $1.25), gross revenue supplements, administration fees, and other state assessments that are not required by the government. Additional one-time fees may apply. For more information about other fees, see The full terms of use can be found at Let`s do the math: AT&T says the Samsung Galaxy S4 will have a $32 monthly payout fee, on top of your existing AT&T service fee, which already includes a device subsidy. The exact amount of this subsidy is unknown — AT&T declined to comment when I asked for it — but most industry estimates have estimated it at around $20 per month.

So, you can get a GS4 for $199 with a new two-year contract, even though it costs $620 at retail: After two years, AT&T has collected a total of $680 in device payments from you, and you can keep the phone. I agree with Nilay here. The only way the AT&T Next plan would work in favor of the customer is for the carrier to remove the subsidy costs built into its pricing plans and make the plans cheaper. But how high do you think the odds are? Now that you know her a little better, check out her store in Paris, Texas, at 3930 Lamar Avenue. They would like to get to know you. Experience the freedom of AT&T PREPAID with plans that allow you to pay upfront without being tied to a long-term contract. AT&T prepaid plans are AT&T`s cheapest deals. With these AT&T plans, you don`t have a long-term service contract, you only pay every month. 1. 12-month AT&T 8GB subscription | $300 in advance ($25 per month).

In fact, by testing both plans, they found that AT&T offered a more reliable service in their part of the country than Verizon. If you`re thinking of switching to Verizon or AT&T, ask someone near you what kind of coverage both carriers have. But the scales are tilting completely towards AT&T with Next. Assuming the same $20 grant, after 12 months, you paid $384 in monthly installments from Next and $240 in equipment grants for a total of $620. Again, that`s exactly the total retail cost of an unlocked Galaxy S4 – but you can`t keep this phone even if you just paid the full price for it. You`ll have to trade it in to get a new phone – indeed, AT&T gives away a free GS4 to surpass it and resell it to its next ignorant customer. When will AT&T`s next dividend payment take place? At&T`s next quarterly dividend payment for $per shares will be paid to shareholders on Monday, November 1, 2021. When was AT&T`s last dividend payment? AT&T`s last quarterly dividend payment per share was paid to shareholders on Monday, August 2, 2021. Uverse TV, AT&T Internet, AT&T Phone, Contractual Requirements. No contract is required to purchase Uverse TV, AT&T Internet or AT&T Phone services. AT&T today unveiled its new Next plan, which allows you to pay a small monthly fee for the privilege of updating your phone each year without a deposit. That`s an obvious answer to T-Mobile`s Jump plan, which costs $10 a month and allows for an upgrade every six months.