Do you have a VPN configuration? Do you have access to your necessary files? Are your cloud drives configured? Are your video conferencing programs updated and working? Can you do your job? Remain reachable during the telework schedule; Avoid public Wi-Fi. Use personal access points or encrypt your connection. Your VPN encrypts your connection to the corporate network. You should always use your VPN when working remotely. 2. The employee understands and agrees that the employee`s personal vehicle cannot be used for business purposes, for more information, the employee should refer to the company`s policies on travel and travel expenses. This strategy template for remote employee work can be customized to meet the needs of your organization and should be considered as a starting point for setting up your employment policies. This is your organization`s recommended way to remotely access your work computer. Splashtop uses end-to-end encryption and simplifies remote connection to your work computer. This fragmented work that engages you creates the illusion that you are productive.

The employee is responsible for providing room, telephone, printing and network and/or internet functions on the telework site and cannot be compensated by the employer for these or related expenses. The Internet must provide sufficient bandwidth so that the employee can work without hindrance. Using a corporate VPN is required if you are working in the alternative workplace on all devices used for business activities. Lying in bed and wearing the nightgown is not exactly the recipe for success. The goal is to simulate as much as possible the work environment in your home. Remote work is a permanent or temporary agreement between employees and managers to work more than [three days] from a location other than an office. Working from home for a maximum of [two days] or from home on a recurring basis on certain days of the week are situations covered by our work-from-home policy. 4. The Parties acknowledge that this Agreement may be evaluated on an ongoing basis to ensure that the quality of work, efficiency and productivity of the employee are not affected by the Telework Agreement described herein. Telecommuting is a privilege, not a company-wide right or benefit; The Company reserves the right to terminate the Agreement and revoke this privilege in its sole discretion. Check with the supervisor (team leader or senior manager) to discuss the status of work and open-ended questions; Constantly check all forms of communication. You don`t want unanswered messages from colleagues to make people believe you`re not working.

It is always best to use a corporate device whenever possible. Your IT team sends updates, blocks websites and malware, and takes other precautions on company devices that can be transparent to you. Chances are you haven`t followed the same protocols with your PC that are mandatory at work. Neither Jones IT nor its employees, experts, sponsors or syndication partners will be liable for any loss or damage arising from your use of this document. These persons and organizations disclaim all warranties and representations, express or implied, with respect to your use of the Site and its content. Be wary of your personal environment in public places. If you work in a café sitting next to the exit, you can “catch and grab” flights. If you display an open mobile device or laptop on public transport (especially at the gates), you become the target of theft and risk your personal safety. Remember to sit away from the entrance.

When your VPN is connected, you can map the company`s network drives to your remote computer and access your files as if you were connected to your desktop computer. Lock your doors. This is 101 security and it`s the easiest step to protect all your belongings, including your devices and the information they contain. Another option is to find a quiet spot near your home with Wi-Fi, like . B, a café, library or coworking space. Le VPN establishes an encrypted connection between your computer and the corporate network that behaves as if your computer were connected to the office. Make sure your calendar says you`re working remotely. This program allows you to access your company`s desktop from trusted external devices, including laptops and PCs. Employees can work remotely on a permanent or temporary basis. We strive to provide as much comprehensive IT support as possible as we transition from the workforce to remote work.

Do not use random flash drives. Never use a USB flash drive if you don`t know where it came from, and stop using it if you`ve connected it to a system that you personally can`t guarantee is safe from. This happens more often than you think and carries the risk of exposing your system to malware. Avoid getting caught up in superficial (low-value) work like constantly checking messages and emails. Beware of email phishing. When many people work remotely, email correspondence is more common and important than ever. Beware of spam or fake emails and report anything suspicious. It`s better to be too suspicious than to be the victim of a phishing attempt.

However, if you click on a link or attachment, or if you provide credentials for an email that you later suspect is spam, report it immediately to Don`t worry; You won`t get into trouble. It happens to the best of us. What matters is a quick response. The WFH sounds simple, but it`s important to recognize that remote work comes with a variety of challenges and requires establishing a unique set of habits as individuals, as teams, and as an organization. Below are guides written by companies that work remotely full-time and can help you and your organization with the WFH for any period of time. .