First we visit the site to get a better understanding of the project scale and get to know the surroundings.In our preliminary meetings we hear your thoughts, plans, ideas and we discuss your needs so as to identify and define your requirements.


Market research is key part of the project. Informations gathered are presented along with preliminary design plans and materials to facilitate decision on which is more appropriate to meet your specific requirements.


Submission and imaging of final layout (Autocad/Photoshop/3DS Max) with presentation of proposed materials to be used.Preparation of final drawings for all areas  and preparation of detailed construction drawings ready for tendering.


Evaluation of tender documents in order to achieve the best quality-price factor.It is advisable to have at least three contractors submit costings (tenders)  to compare .Meetings and coordination with engineers to finalize the project schedule.


The last phase of the project is the on-site supervision and coordination of works, until completion, to ensure that it is being carried out generally in accordance with the contract documents and your expectations.The concept comes in life!!!

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